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Tiffanie Lael Ministries

Inspirational MessagesTiffanie Lael was born with spinabifida and hydracephalus. Her story shocks many people, but is one through which she has gained a wealth of wisdom, compassion and understanding well beyond her years. She is a true example of one who has overcome, and from victim, become victor.

Her experiences include issues that have arisen from abuse resulting in the absence of a father, significant bullying from school children, teachers and other adults alike, bulimia, anxiety and depression, and aggravated sexual assault. Her uplifting and inspirational accounts of her victory over circumstances give even the hardest of hearts hope for their own future, empowering lives to move forward with purpose and direction.

Tiffanie Lael Ministries visit schools, youth groups, outreach organizations, prisons etc, offering personal testimony of a life transformed.

Her singing voice and creative writing skills are both heavenly born, and captivate with their message and sincerity.