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Life in Music and Motion
Life in Music and Motion
Life in Music and Motion
Life in Music and Motion

Music & Motion Programs

Community and Onsite programs
 ‘L-OTSA’ offers a wealth of benefit and enjoyment for all.

  • Entertainment, therapeutic or developmental Music & Motion programs for care facilities such as nursing homes, retirement villages, disability organisations, schools and preschools.


What is involved in a ‘Music & Motion’ program?

  • A variety of musical genre and instrumentation tailored to the audience (content choice, level of difficulty, pace and movement modified accordingly).
  • Encouragement of participation and social networking
  • Enhance personal skills, confidence and achievement
  • Celebrate life in its many stages and variances.
  • Where appropriate, programs incorporate dance and actions, exercise, jokes, singing, percussion playing, performance, team games and projects.
  • Where appropriate programs focus on developing listening and responding skills, watching and following instructions, taking turns, leading and decision making, working together on, coordination, confidence, and musical elements such as dynamics, tempi, conducting etc.
  • Presentations of items (musical, poetry, mime, art & craft etc) by participants, is highly welcomed, irrespective of skill level.

Facilitators are experienced working with:

  • All ages
  • Physical disability
  • Intellectual disability
  • Challenging behaviours
  • Acquired injury
  • Dementia
  • Supported seniors
  • Independent retirees
  • Preschool and school children